Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Don't Need Any Help

Three years ago today, VERY early in the morning, I woke your Daddy up.  I did it very nicely but he will say that I threw my big belly on him and almost squished him while he was sleeping, either way it was time!  After a very LONG day, a lot of pain, tears and some foul language from daddy, you arrived.  You were worth every minute of it, all 8lbs 13.2 ounces of you. 

Our Gift
And Blessing

The first year flew by and you were keeping us on our toes. You loved climbing once you learned how and were so into everything.  You definitely gave mom and dad a refresher course in caring for a baby, breastfeeding and how to survive on the littlest amount of sleep known to man....but we did it. 

of course there is your daddy's bad behavioral influence
You definitely enjoyed your cake :)
The second year was filled with bumps, bruises and attitude! You may look just like your daddy, but you definitely act just like your mama! I would definitely say you are a typical boy but you are also very loving and extremely caring. You will make a wonderful father some day, you have had lots of practice with sissy's baby dolls.  I could just sit back and watch you for hours play with your trains and make up your own stories as you act out a scene from Toy Story.  You are definitely still a little dare devil (probably always will be) and you scare the crap out of me on a regular basis with your awesome scooter riding.  

here you see the scooter AND the attitude combo

Two of your favorite things... jumping and pizza
The third year was full of laughter.  We all enjoyed listening to your expanding vocabulary and trying to decipher what you were trying to say.  I can't believe that you are already 3 years old.  You became very independent this year.  I have mixed feelings about this... knowing that you are my last "baby". On one hand I love the fact that you can play by yourself and don't need me to entertain you all of the time.  On the other hand it makes me feel very sad and blessed to have such a loving warm hearted and intelligent "little man".  I am extremely grateful and humble to have such a wonderful son who calls me mama.  I truly hope you are never too old nor to big too give your mama a hug or a kiss.

Another one of your favorite things to do... SNACK
LOOK AT ME.... I'M 3!!!