Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I think I am housing Punky Brewster

August 6

Oh wait no that is just my very stylish daughter Dallas ;) pretty sure she comes by it honestly

She did her hair and we went to breakfast....yes like this

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Yosemite

August 1-3

Too many gorgeous pictures for just one post

 Our final day and some were more ready to go home than others

 I was thirsty ;)

 Amber's awesome photography skills

 sibling love

 these two just LOVE the camera...and each other...most of the time

 Amber and I



August 1-3

Let me just start this post by saying Terry has lived in California his ENTIRE life....he had NEVER been to Yosemite.  Needless to say I was extremely excited for him to see all the beautiful sites.  We had planned this camping trip with 2 other families, so we had lots of kids in the group.  We were camping in Wawona which is actually quite a ways from the valley.  It is however on the gorgeous and majestic Merced River.  We were quite thankful for the river due to the fact our campsites had very little shade and it was VERY hot.  The river however was freeeeeeeeezing but refreshing, if that even makes sense.  We took a few hikes and drove and did some site seeing and on the last day made a jaunt down into the valley.  All in all a wonderful trip....although Terry was upset we didn't see any bears.

many of these photos are courtesy of my wonderful friend Amber

 camping is d.i.r.t.y

 the crew headed out for a hike

 The "bear bin" or ice stealer....we had to use or EZ up to shade it so the ice would last a little longer

 Gavin and daddy playing in the water

 Gavin and Lily having some fun

 the water was COLD

 but Amber and I were determined to swim across

 Dallas looking cute

 Austin "helping" Dallas over the rocks


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't count the little guy out...

July 31, 2011

Wonder who wins....


July 30-31, 2011

The end of swim season is in site.  It has been a very fun and eventful season with some very early mornings.....but soooo worth it.  I have seen Dallas grow so much and can't wait for next swim season.  Its amazing how much she reminds me of myself (even though sometimes I don't want to admit it).  She is learning to be competitive but also a team player and encourager.

 Cutest puppy EVER and Dallas just had to take a pic of him asleep in his food bowl

 In between races the kids have a lot of time on their hands....

 As you can see ;)

 Swimmers take your mark...





Wednesday, September 7, 2011


July 29, 2011

Dallas made a new friend...

 She looks awful happy to have that 30lb snake on her


We are off to see the jellies.....

July 24-25, 2011

After the swim meet we took off to Monterey.  The trip was planned with Aunt Traci and Uncle Allen and their shortlings and also Grammy and Papa.  We made our way to the hotel and got settled and decided to go out for a horrific nice dinner.  The company was wonderful and all the kids were very well behaved but the service and the food left quite a bit to be desired.  We then made our way back to the hotel and went for a swim with all the kids.
The following morning we made our way to the Aquarium where we saw tons of beautiful creatures, and I almost got carried away by a sea gull....seriously.

 Gavin REFUSED to touch anything

Sissy and Lexi on the otherhand didn't mind at all

 Emmy says she is number 1 :)

 Addie having a convo with the starfish

 Addie, Dallas, Lexi, Gavin

 UH OH I think I got my pants wet

Uncle Allen helped Dallas get a crab

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharks vs. North Highlands

July 24, 2011

Dallas getting her breaststroke on ;)

Today she swam a total of 5 events:
Back in the 100medley relay
25 free
25 back
25 breast
Free in the 100m  freestyle relay

Each meet she is improving and doing such an AWESOME job! So very proud of her!