Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where are the instructions?!?!?!?

Are we ever really prepared for death....whether it be a loved one, friend or family pet.  It's. not. easy.

On January 31st we lost our wonderful cat Thunder of only a year and half.  He was an AWESOME cat!!! He definitely made his way into our hearts and will be greatly missed.  I am still hearing the little pitter patter of his feet down the hall after we go to bed when he would come to bed once the house was quiet.  And I am still expecting him to run out the garage door every time I pull into the driveway and press the button.  Although I am extremely sad that he is gone I think the thing that hurts the most is watching my children deal with this loss.  Cats are supposed to live a LONG time.  There are no instructions on how to comfort your children with death.  And no answers to what to say when your 3 year old asks "When is Thunder going to be alive again".  Or when your 7 year old bursts into tears when she looks at a picture or when she goes to climb into her bed at night because he would have been sleeping in her bed all day long. We have said many prayers for God to help us through this and to keep Thunder comforted until we get up there to see him.  He will forever be missed and always in our hearts! 10/15/2010-12/31/2012